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City to add social media policy for staff

The Jacksboro City Council may soon adopt a personnel policy regarding social media.

City Manager Mike Smith presented the policy to the council and said it addresses how city employees use social media while at work and on city social media accounts, as well as, how they use social media personally.

“It addresses what you post on there on behalf of the City of Jacksboro,” Smith said. “It also addresses the use of personal social media. While I don’t use social media, period, I certainly have a lot of people that always willing to show me what’s on social media. 

“I’m a strict believer that what we do as city employees reflects on every other city employee, it reflects on you (council) and it reflects on all of our residents. I don’t want any of our employees to reflect poorly upon you, other city employees or the city as a whole.”

The policy will put some restrictions on what people can and cannot do on their personal social media pages.

He requested the council look over the policy for possible changes or recommendations and adoption at the next council meeting.

“I think it’s a great idea,” said Councilman Joe Mitchell. “I think it’s a great idea too much information is shared at times and people try to bait people. If people go after the bait, they get a lot madder if you just keep quiet.”

“I think we need to stay above the fray as much as possible as city employees,” Smith added.

To read the complete article, see the July 22 edition of the Herald-Gazette.

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