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Arrest made from search

A Perrin man was arrested Thursday in connection with some recent burglaries in Jacksboro

Clarence Henry Faubion, 54, known as “C.H.”, was arrested at his residence following the execution of a search warrant by the Jack County Sheriff’s Office.

Sheriff Melvin Mayo said the search warrant came about from a tip.

“We got information that he had received some stolen property that came from one of the burglaries that the city has been working on. He wound up in possession of it,” Mayo said. “In Texas, there’s not one statute under theft of property. Whether you took it or received it, it’s the same charge.”

Faubion was in possession of a guitar that came from a burglary in Jacksboro.

“I think that was the last of it,” Mayo said. “I think they recovered most of the items stolen from the burglary on Stewart Street.”

As a result of the search, Faubion was arrested on six charges including theft of property greater than $750 but less than $2,500, possession of marijuana over 2 ounces less than 4, two charges of possession of dangerous drugs, possession of a controlled substance penalty group 1 more than 1 gram less than 4 and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Mayo said for the possession of dangerous drugs charge usually that refers to some kind of prescription pill and penalty group 1 is probably methamphetamine.

For four of the charges, each bond was set at $4,000. The bond set for the possession of a controlled substance charge was $40,000 and the drug paraphernalia bond was $500 for a total of $56,500 in bonds.

As of Wednesday afternoon, Faubion was being held in Jack County Jail as were other suspects arrested in connection with the burglaries, Tanya Lewis, Edgar Espircueta-Ortiz and Matthew Moore.

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