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Rabbit exhibitors show in Fort Worth

Jack County youth rabbit exhibitors placed at the Fort Worth Stock Show February 3 and 4. A total of 30 rabbits were shown by 10 Jack County students. More than 1,300 rabbits were exhibited over the two-day period by Texas youth.

Jack County 4-H member Elizabeth Hines placed first and best opposite sex of breed with her junior black tortoise Lionhead buck. She placed first with her senior lynx buck Palomino and senior lynx doe Palomino. Hines placed second with her New Zealand intermediate black buck.

Abigail Mangum took second with her Mini Satin senior silver marten buck, second with her American Chinchilla senior buck and third with her American Chinchilla senior doe.

Pacus Wilber got a first place ribbon and best of breed with his Rex senior white doe and second with a senior blue doe.

Padun Seaberry placed first with a Rex senior white buck.

Shelby Seaberry placed first with a senior blue doe Rex.

River Overton placed first and best opposite sex of breed with a French Lop senior chestnut agouti buck, first with a junior broken buck and sixth with a senior broken buck. She also showed the first place senior blue doe Netherland Dwarf and the third place senior chestnut buck.

Ragen Overton had rabbits place second for both her senior steel buck and senior tortoise buck Dutch. She showed the third and fourth place senior tortoise buck Dutch and the eighth place senior black doe.

Brooke Bennett showed the 10th place Californian intermediate buck. Ben Bennett showed the first place New Zealand junior black buck.

Wyatt Gavit showed a Mini Rex senior broken buck that did not place.

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