Douglas Brown, Caiden Martin and Jaci Robinson watch as Lainey Brown's elephant toothpaste grows.
Martin launches pompoms from a catpult he made during sciene camp.

Extension kicks off camp season

Elementary aged kids got a chance to have fun learning Monday at the Jack County Fair Barn as part of Jack County AgriLife Extension’s Science for the Fun of It Camp.

Extension Agent Alinda Cox packed numerous experiments into the 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. day camp to entertain and amaze the youngsters.

They learned about the science of sound through drumming, made a clock run on lemons by changing chemical energy into electrical energy and much more.

A definite crowd pleaser was testing the reaction of putting Mentos candy into Diet Coke and watching it explode.

They made balloon rockets to study propulsion. They ran a straw through a piece of string, attached the string’s ends across to two surfaces then taped an inflated balloon to the straw and let it go to see how far the straw traveled along the string.

The studied mixtures by making their own Gak, a gooey slime, and they mixed up a non-Newtonian fluid with cornstarch and water which creates a substance that is both liquid and solid.

They made elephant toothpaste and learned about chemical reactions. With this, the children activated yeast in water and sugar, then added it to salon strength hydrogen peroxide and food coloring to produce a foam that grows and grows.

The Science for the Fun of It Camp is just one of several that Jack County Extension offers each summer. 

Thursday, Sewing Camp took place for those in third grade and up. Participants got the chance to learn how to sew with hands-on activities and create a couple of usable projects.

There are five camps coming up in July including Dishing Up Dinner July 12 at First United Methodist Church which features cooking for those elementary age and up.

Pinterest Camp is set for Wednesday, July 13 at the Jack County Fair Barn. Elementary-age kids will take on a number of activities and crafts found on the Pinterest.

Outdoor Camp is set for Monday, July 18 at the Jack County Fair Barn with learning about various parts of the outdoors and having fun while doing it. 

Arts and Crafts Camp is Tuesday, July 19 at the fair barn with campers creating fun items to decorate with and even do a little painting.

Shoot It Photography Camp is set for Thursday, July 21 where participants can bring their cameras and learn about photography and possibly take a small photography tour.

All camps will be from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. on each of their respective days. Enrollment is limited and there is a registration cost to help cover supplies. Discounts for multiple registrations are available and full or partial scholarships may be awarded on an as-needed basis.

To register for camps or for more information, contact Alinda Cox at 940-567-2132.

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