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    Concerned citizen update
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    Concerned citizen update

Concerned citizen update

Several care packages have gone out during this COVID 19 period. Funds for these packages have been acquired through grants that are very specific on how they can be used. Also, these grants that have never been available, especially in rural areas, to programs like ours. The most vulnerable population are senior citizens.

The goal has been to keep them more isolated to not catch this disease. This goes against everything we normally encourage…..getting out and being with others! We are hoping the state will allow us to re-open the building. That is the question we are most often asked for sure! We have been able to hand out numerous items to our meals on wheels clients and often times to our friends coming through the drive through. The two grants that have stood out the most were the care packages. This consisted of everything you need in your household on a daily basis…except the kitchen sink! Each person got 2 bags full of items. This was a timely grant as shopping was still a fear for many

of our seniors. This took many days and hours to compile. Our local stores ordered and re-ordered for us. Everyone is aware that none of our stores carried 250 jars of peanut butter, etc. We wanted to help keep the stores stocked for everyone else while we were collecting for the seniors!

Numerous grants have been made possible for us to do other needed projects like put in security system, new stove, meals on wheels carriers and trays, and new telephone system to replace our 20 plus year-old system. The center has been making at least 125 calls (not impersonal ro-bo calls) to check on our seniors on a daily basis. They can tell you that our land line was often like our cell phones. dropping calls. We always need greeting cards and stamps. All of our senior citizens get birthday, anniversary and get-well cards from us.

Our latest grant was to be spent with a local business as well. They were very quick to approve the idea of fresh meat. Hardaway Market worked out a deal for us in the middle of starting their business enabling us to bring this exciting package to their home. All our grants are for those 60+ so each time we have had to come up with a little more so we could still deliver to our individuals under 60 who are disabled.

Pete Butler and Pete’s Uncommon Garden has helped deliver meals on wheels for years. He decided he wanted to give each family a mum. This was not a grant. Pete’s Uncommon Garden gave around 200 mums to each one. What a great way to cheer them up and get ready for fall!

Construction is once again happening while our doors are shut. Everyone will be glad to know that our board has taken the steps to have all the remaining ceilings re-done. This was a safety precaution as our building is over 40 years old. All the sheetrock was nailed instead of using screws like is done today.

Our ceilings were sagging. We have had a water leak in the kitchen that collapsed that ceiling. Inspectors did not see that it went into the dining room. That ceiling fell in months later. Inspections showed that it was too big of an area to have two by four beams so the entire roof had to be changed.

The front part of the building had rooms where the ceilings were sagging so, it was decided to raise funds to do the remainder as soon as possible. The seniors will have a whole new look when they are able to come back. The state has been slow to tell us yes or no on opening at this point. Hopefully it will be soon! Thank you for your support and patience during this strange and difficult time for all of us! We are grateful to be in such a wonderful place as Jack County where we all believe in caring for our own….ALL THE TIME… not just during pandemics!

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