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Playoffs make for more friendships

Yeah, the headline is a head scratcher, but I can explain.

Tis the season for a bunch of playoff games where teams are locked in on seeing their family members they haven’t seen all year play football, volleyball. It’s great as family members should be doing that. My dilemma comes from not knowing who a lot of these folks are.

I had a guy at the Bryson volleyball match the other night greet me like we were long lost brothers. I can honestly say I was ‘lost” on who the gentleman was.

Still, with a lot of these folks being in the oilfield and working a lot, maybe we had met before, so I went along with it. He thanked me profusely for the coverage of the girls as had been gone for a while. We talked about the paper business a bit.

I’m scratching my head as to who this gentleman is until a lady who I do know came up and kissed him on the cheek. I put two and two together. She then introduced us formally.

I then saw him at the football game two nights later where the son was playing. We got to talking again about normal pregame stuff, including the barbecue joint down the road which was better than expected.

I hadn’t seen the Cowboys all year since Meet the Cowboy in August, but knew they had had their ups and downs throughout the campaign. A tough battle with Gilmer Union Hill ensued. As you can tell from the score (see story, same section) it was a good game, for a spell.

I stayed until the bitter end. I had even more strangers approach me with different types of questions on Bryson, basketball, and life in general.

It’s nice to be recognized at the games, which doesn’t happen much when I go to Perrin games. Still, the kids deserve the coverage and I do my best to give it to them.

Basketball season is round the corner-with no pre district tournaments coming.

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