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Confusion at the Polls

Things are happening around our neighborhood. What with the Coronavirus numbers rising, we are staying indoors, mostly. We are managing to keep the grass mowed, the mail distributed, and the pizza delivery people on the road. I did miss the trash pickup this morning, and when I saw the truck picking up my neighbor’s bin, I ran mine across the street, so it could get it on the way back. It seems the “way back” was done first, so my full trash bin is still across the street. I’ll have to go get it after I finish here. My neighbor Leonard is nice, but he’s not in a good mood this afternoon, and he may not like the fact that my over-flowing bin is just to the right of his driveway.

Beth Beggs

What else can go wrong?

If it is true that bad things come in threes, then I am in for a very expensive few weeks. I’ve spent the last few months ignoring things. The clothes dryer started making a thumping noise back in March, but it quit doing that in April. That’s when it started squealing. Now, the refrigerator is in need of a little attention. I’m pretty sure it’s nothing I’ve done, so I need a scape goat.

Don Newbury

Many Happy Returns…

Uncle Mort isn’t his usual self. His 108th birthday is at hand, and he’s hung up on whether to have a “real” party, or join the growing list of folks who are “computer Zooming” to celebrate special occasions. (Printers are shaking their heads, turning out fancy invitations with the word “virtual” in big type.)




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