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Historic Necessity bank vault amidst the cactus

What happens to a bank vault when the walls of a bank have disintegrated over several decades to nearly a century of time, but left the sturdily intact bank vault behind amid a growth of cacti and weeds? That is what has happened to the old vault that once upon a time resided either within the General Store and then within an attached bank building or at a second bank at Necessity. During the oil boom era in Stephens County, the small town of Necessity sported two banks. As the decades went by, the building closed as did the bank and the walls around the building slipped into oblivion. The plank siding wasted away and then the block walls disintegrated, which left the sturdily built bank vault exposed to the elements of wind, rain and the blaring sun. Now what remains is the strange-looking bank vault with a huge cactus growing from within and out through all the crevices to the wind and blaring sun above.

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Invasion, Fertilization, and Extermination … something just wasn’t working

Like most of us, I have a few questions to ask God when I get the chance. Oh, I’ve asked him several times, but I guess he’s busy what with the Covid19 pandemic, the Greek alphabet hurricanes, and football starting back up. Anyway, I don’t have to have the answers. It will give me something to worry about, complain about, and speculate on during the next thirty years … until I get up there. But if I don’t get the answers … it will be Hell.

Television in the time of Covid

Television in the time of Covid

We are totally flooded with choices when it comes to nighttime entertainment. Most of us still hold onto that cable or satellite dish to connect us to “regular television.” Whereas the younger, more hip generation is going its own way. They have cut the cord (or cable) and have filled their evenings with a plethora of internet-based television shows.


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