Trevor Talks

Running the show (this week)

After working at the Jacksboro Herald-Gazette for more than two months I have finally been given my first real road bump- I was asked to take complete control on this edition of the paper. Brian is out celebrating his high school reunion in Detroit and, although he had written some stories, I covered events all over Jack County this week.

It was a tough one, for sure. I have a newfound respect for what Brian does on Fridays, when he types out each individual phone call for police blotter and I have never had the kind of success with Jack Talk that he has. I guess I still need to build a rapport with some people in Jacksboro, but I’ll get there.

The rain has been wonderful and necessary, although I did have some problems with my power going out at my house on Thursday. The rising water levels did cause some problems on my street, but no serious damage happened and it looks to have all drained away.

As someone who spent many winters in Maryland, Delaware and Indiana, I look forward to the cold weather. My parents moved here shortly before I was born to escape the snow, but I, for one, have always seemed to have ice in my veins.

The football and volleyball seasons are just wrapping up and basketball is finally starting. Although it may not be as widely watched here, my favorite sport to watch in the winter is hockey, with the Boston Bruins jumping ahead to an early 6-1-2 record at the time of writing. 

I do love every sport though and my favorite by far is baseball. Many of the people reading this that know me know I am a huge Red Sox fan and am very glad that the Astros beat the Yankees. At the time of writing, the Nationals are leading the Astros 2-0 and look to sweep. Although I love Justin Verlander and think he and Zack Greinke are probably future hall of famers, I am pulling for the Nationals to win their first World Series. 

The thing I am looking forward to the most this upcoming week is the rivalry game between Perrin and Bryson on Friday, Nov. 1. The Cowboys have been down on their luck lately and the Pirates have been on fire and look to lock up the district championship. It will be a good one and I will remain neutral, as always, when two area schools play each other.

That’s about it for this one. Hopefully everyone is reading this in a nice, warm room with a cup of your favorite hot drink and a nice, thick blanket. See you around.

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