Thank you: Concerned Citizens

Thanks for the kitchen help

Following the water damage to our kitchen Jan. 17 many have worked to help Concerned Citizens. The Concerned Citizens Board of Directors and Director Russonna Jones-Briscoe would like to thank the following:

Jacksboro Fire Department, Duane and Janet Norvill, James Corbett, Church of Christ, Joe Underwood, Joe Henry Underwood, Kirby Stubbs, Chino Gutiérrez, Libby Gonzales, Greg Lewis, Mary and David Rix, Jennifer Myers, The Parish, Jacksboro Elementary School and Bill and Judy Stamper.

We would also like to thank the awesome Concerned Citizens Employees: Glennda Jones, Janet Pierce, Redonna Pulis, Jerry Smith and Sherry Rupe who were mopping and sweeping in ankle deep water. They also are filling their personal cars up each day to carry food, packaging and equipment to the church of Christ each day.  They will be doing this for several weeks.

The Wise County Quilt Guild heard about our problem and donated a beautiful quilt to help get donations.

Everyone who eats at the center helps the center. There are several under 60 who come to the center to eat or for take-out. We know this is an inconvenience to eat at one place and have to go to another but we are still having all our activities at the center.  We appreciate the community’s support during the coming weeks while we repair our kitchen.


Russona Jones-Briscoe

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