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As many of you may know, or are about to find out, I am a lifelong learner and a lover of history. I take the approach of learning something new every day no matter how small or insignificant what I am learning is. This week I had the opportunity to head to the northwest part of Jack County and visit a few historical markers I had not yet been able to see.

I plan on seeing every historical marker in Texas at some point in time. For those that may not know there are more than 16,000 historical markers in the state of Texas. Every journey begins with a single step so I decided to start where I could – right here in Jack County.

Since visiting my first historical marker in Jack County (which happened to be the Jack County historical marker in front of the courthouse), I have visited 35 of the 39 markers in the county. Most recently I made my way through the community of Antelope and down throw Squaw Mountain and the Lost Valley. 

I ended up seeing five Jack County markers on Sunday, but I would have seen six if I could have found the marker for Antelope itself. I unfortunately could not find it and did not have the battery capacity on my phone or the gas to be able to look for it. 

The last four markers I have are the “Town of Antelope,” “Roberts Branch Cemetery,” “Hicks Cemetery” and “Truce Cemetery.” If anyone happens to know the location of the “Town of Antelope” marker or if it was taken down I would love that information and you can call the office or send me an email.

I keep an Instagram page of every marker I visit so if you are interested in that feel free to follow me at @TexasTravelsWithTrevor. If you are interested in more historical markers around Texas, I highly recommend the “Texas Historical Markers, Memorials, and Monuments” page on Facebook.

I hope everyone enjoyed the little bit of insight into what I enjoy. If you want me to talk about a historical marker or area every week feel free to send me your comments and let me know. Hope everyone has a pleasant week and stay warm.

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