It's been a tough week

Cherry Picked

Our country has endured such heartbreak this week. 

We’ve seen more violence, more protests, more grieving. 

Dignitaries spoke in Dallas.

The dead have been honored. We are still in a state of shock and mourning.

Now we are faced with the task of healing. How do we fix things when so much is broken?

The events of July 5 through July 7 have had some unexpected repercussions.

For example, as of Monday afternoon, four countries issued travel warnings against coming to the US. United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and New Zealand have told travelers to steer clear of protests and large crowds because of the high potential for violence and the Bahamas urged young males to use extreme caution in interactions with police.

One result I thought might be a possibility is that Hillary Clinton would gain support. I thought it possible, violence could help her get elected as the Democratic Party is often associated with gun control.

But according to the latest polls, Donald Trump has been closing the gap on Clinton’s lead.

On Wednesday, Sen. John Cornyn, Ted Cruz and Thom Tillis of North Carolina, introduced the Back the Blue Act.

The act would create greater penalties for killing a federal judge, law enforcement officer or federally-funded public safety officer.

It also seeks to expand grant funding “to promote trust and improve relations between law enforcement and the communities they serve,” a press release from Cornyn’s office reads.

Further legislation is sure to be proposed in the wake of these tragic events.


Also this week, Jacksboro lost one of its biggest fans.

Robert Perry passed away Monday. Not having lived here very long, I did not know him well, but I will miss his sense of humor.

I remember him at softball games. His daughter graduated last year, but he still came out quite a bit to root for this year’s Tigerette team.

At the Jacksboro tournament this year, he sat next to the announcer’s booth and cracked jokes at the umpire. He resembled the Seahawk’s Richard Sherman and Robert asked the guy if he was from Seattle.

At one recent Planning and Zoning Commission meeting, on which Robert served, a business owner was seeking a permit to perform microblading. Jacksboro’s zoning does not allow for tattooing. 

The owner explained that microblading was a semipermanent form of tattooing for cosmetic purposes to enhance eyebrows.

Robert asked her if she also did chest hairs.

He made the rather dry proceedings of planning and zoning a lot more fun.

My deepest sympathies to Lisa and their girls.

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