Principals give campus updates

Jacksboro ISD principals gave updates on what’s happening on their campuses during the board’s Sept. 12 meeting.

JHS Principal Starla Sanders has 334 students on her campus with a 96.4 Average Daily Attendance (ADA) rate, the best in three years, Sanders explained. Before classes started the school hosted its inaugural Fish Camp. She had a chance to meet with parents in a small group while about half of the freshmen class took part in a scavenger hunt, looking for different things around the campus. Everyone then took part in a meal.

Sanders said it was a very nice event and plans on having it every year in the future.

Students are also taking part in a new campus program entitled Motivational Mondays. It’s a way teachers and students can give feedback to each other by finding out what motivates students and how to motivate themselves.

Thenewnophonesduring class policy is working well with teachers commenting it’s great to see kids talking in class instead of being on their phones.

Jacksboro Middle School Principal Jackie Hamilton said her enrollment was at 252 with an ADA of 96.82% which she says could be better but it pretty good for right now.

Eighth graders are working on their leadership skills as part of their study skills time on Wednesday. Hamilton says it give the students an opportunity to learn about themselves, which is a big part of becoming a leader. The program also allows students to refine themselves and give themselves a personality adjustment.

Hamilton noted the program has provided a boost of confidence which is good for all students. Leadership skills will run through the end of April after which, the eighth graders will be taking a class field trip at the end of the school year. A site has yet to be determined, Hamilton explained.

The school is also taking part in something positive. In a new program, students that do something great in the classroom or around campus gets a paw, which can be exchanged for items such as a treat or a homework pass. Hamilton noted that it increases positive recognition for good things.

JES Principal Michael Qualls said his attendance rate is 95.4, up more than 3% from this time last year. The school has an enrollment of 486.

Qualls noted he is seeing test scores in the early going head “in the right direction.” Teachers are also working on their lesson plans with Qualls, Assistant Superintendent Sara Mathis and the Region 9 Education Science Center.

In a similar program to JMS, the school is taking part in PAWSitive Passports. Electronic stamps are given by teachers for positive behavior in class and around campus such as good behavior in the bus line, cafeteria, and recess which can be used for items the students want.

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