• Opinions given during BISD meeting

Opinions given during BISD meeting

BRYSON – While tabling some important items last night because of wanting to get the opinions of three missing board members, present board members gave their opinion of issues that will be voted on later this summer.

Principal Gary Kirby said he’d like to have one dress code for the elementary kids (PreK-5) and another for the secondary (grades 6-12). Kirby admitted he hadn’t done a good enough job of enforcing the code for elementary and said he would do a better job.

The designs of hair and the dress of younger students are addressed in the dress code. Kirby said he’s going to do a better job of enforcing the code as a whole.

One of the more problematic issues involves the length of shorts, skirts and dresses. The fingertip rule will no longer apply as people are built differently. Now a 3” by 5” index card will be used to determine the distance from the knee.

“That was it’s fair across the board,” Kirby said. “Keeping an index card in your back pocket may seem different but other schools have done it.”

In his report, Superintendent Greg London spoke about wanting to help paraprofessionals prepare and head to college. Some of the district paraprofessionals have expressed an interest in getting a teaching degree.

With many of the courses online within 48 months the job can be done, London said. “By doing this we show that we are committed to students and our employees,” London explained. “Drastic times call for drastic measures.”

London said many of those coming fresh out of college are quitting after six weeks because they had no idea of what they’re getting into.

“Paras will make good teachers. They know what it takes,” London noted. “Paraprofessionals have been cleaning up vomit for years. They know what is expected in the classroom.”

In other news:

The results from the May 7 election were canvassed. Place 1 incumbent Frank Hefner and Place 2 incumbent Danny Lewis won their races, Lewis ran unopposed.

The board then was re-organized for the 22- 23 school year and kept the same by acclimation: President T-Bob Hauger, Vice President Travis Thorne, Secretary Frank Hefner and Assistant Secretary Sheila Birdwell.

The board renewed a one-year agreement with Communities in Schools for Greater Wichita Falls. The moneys, which are ESSER funds, will supplement the pay of Crystal Webb who works with at-risk kids at the school.

London said she is more in tune with the kids, hangs out in the cafeteria during lunch with them and the district has seen results since Webb has been with the school.

The board also approved a budget amendment to cover an increase in appraisal costs.

London said it slipped by in the mid-year review. The amount of Maintenance and Operation value from the district increased from $146 million to nearly $200 million and there are additional fees involved with the collection of the additional monies, London said.

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