JPD starting new program

Jacksboro Police Department is combining two programs in order to make sure its older and less socially savvy residents are safe.

Lt. Bryan Corb and Officer Daniel Moody spoke about combining the R-UOK and the Operation KINdness program. Operation Kindness conducts welfare checks for seniors and persons with disabilities. The R-U-OK program calls those on the list to check on residents to ensure they’re okay. Corb said Moody had the idea of co-mingling the two programs which goes further than just ensuring safety of residents.

“If we call and they answer and are okay, that’s it. “ Moody noted. “I we get no response, we’ll come by the residence and check to see what’s going on.

The target audience is 65 years old or older, those with no relatives in the area, those with an impaired mental condition of any age that may suffer from Asperger’s, Autism or other type of developmental disorder. Those with a history of wandering, including Alzheimer’s or dementia.

“We want to work with community groups such as Concerned Citizens (of Jack County), the Lions Club and identify resources we can use to give folks some help,” Corb explained. “Do people need help with reminding them to take their medicine? Do they need help getting food? Do they need help changing a lightbulb or with batteries?”

The information needed on the form include name, date of birth, address, phone number, driver’s license number and vehicle information if applicable.

For those who want to put their family member on the list, their name, address, phone number and relationship to the person is necessary.

The program is starting Oct. 1 but a media blitz started last week. Applications will be available on Facebook but paper copies will be available at the police department, City Hall and other areas. Residents are people in outside areas with residents here can get a copy by calling the department at 567-2666 and one will be brought directly to the resident.

All information is confidential. Corb said having a form on file will help the department’s ability to activate a Silver Alert or enter into a national database as someone missing or in danger, as well as build relationships with officers.

A press release stated those who register may also be able to participate in pet companionship programs sponsored by the city itself.

The department also knows there are people who don’t want to let people know where things like a key is. If the department gives a call and can’t get ahold of anyone, officers are going to automatically think there’s an issue and go to the person’s residence.

“If we have an emergency contact who can tell us where they key might be, it’s going to make things easier for us to contact them,” Corb said. “It may something as simple as their phone battery died.”

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