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City to install new water meter system

Jacksboro City Council voted to upgrade their water meter reading system during the Jacksboro city council’s meeting May 9.

The council had been looking at two proposals for water meters during the last few months. It now takes three days for up to six people to read and input information before bills are distributed. Under the new system, which is expected to cost around $345,000, it will take one person just one day to read meters with the information sent electronically to the city and the bills printed.

The other system being considered would have cost upwards of $517,000 and have the meters read twice a day automatically. That would also have at least a 6-8 month lead time before installation can begin.

The new system from the city, which will be paid for out of American Rescue Care Act funds, should be operational later this summer.

In other news, fees for checking water meter accuracy and memberships to the Twin Lakes Activity Center were adjusted. City Manager Mike Smith said fee schedules are looked at periodically. One of the changes involving the accuracy of water meters. The first time in a two-year period, the test is free fr the second or additional times it’s $100. To repair a broken meter, there is no longer a flat fee just simply parts and labor for the repair, Smith said.

For new members and renewal memberships at the Twin Lakes Activity Center, six month memberships will drop from $105 to $90 with monthly memberships dropping from $40 to $25. Daily usage will drop to $10.

The city also denied a conditional use permit for a fenced lot to be used for heavy equipment parking in the 200 block of S. 11th St. Planning and Zoning gave approval for the permit last month.

The owners said they would put a fence around the lot and store dump trucks, back hoes and other equipment for their business.

Smith said a letter was sent to residents within 200 feet of the lot. Five responded and three were against it. Smith said the issue gets to do with spot zoning in an area which is illegal.

Smith said there are already housing developers looking to develop a nearby 60-acre lot on the other side of the proposed storage lot.

The next city council meeting is scheduled for 5:30 p.m. Monday, June 13 at City Hall on W. Belknap. The public is invited to attend.

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