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City extends its disaster declaration

Jacksboro city officials extended its tornado disaster declaration for another 30 days as part of its Monday, June 13 meeting.

The extension, which begins next Monday, June 27 after the original declaration ends June 26, will give city staff time to do some research to see if the declaration needs to be extended again, according to Jacksboro City Manager Mike Smith.

Also discussed were the most recent (Small Business Administration) SBA-Approved Disaster Assistance Loan amounts.

According to the meeting agenda, 15 loans have been taken out, in the amount of $1,143,700.

Of the 15 total loans, 13 were SBA-approved home loans, totaling $1,093,700.

The two remaining SBA-approved loans were for businesses, totaling $50,000.

In other news during the hour-long June meeting:

• TxDOT has agreed to provide better lighting around the high school to increase safety.

Smith told aldermen Jacksboro Police Chief Scott Haynes had been pushing for more lighting for years. The cost of a stoplight at the school would considered too prohibitive.

Four lights are expected to be installed which Smith says is still not ideal but will help with crossing the street at the school. City officials will continue to push TXDOT for additional lighting, Smith said.

• An update was given on the elevated sewer line project at Sewell Park. Smith said the line has caused the city a lot of issues over the years.

Funds from the American Rescue Cares Act was scheduled to be used to alleviate the issue. Costs from Hayter Engineering, which the city has not signed a contract with, has the project at around $265,750.

Smith said the city plans on going through the proposed contract with Hayter with a fine tooth comb. It appears the company has added in come costs the city believes it can do itself, such as $10,000 for clearing brush, $15,000 for tearing up the old sewer line and $10,000 for the addition of two manholes which Smith said are not needed.

“A lot of this we can do ourselves to lower costs,” Smith explained. “The pipe itself is 20 feet in the air and we want to go from a 6” to 8” pipe and replace between 260-270 feet of it. Doing those things will bring the cost down significantly. We hope.”

• The city had one of its best sales tax months in the last 10 years, bringing in $145,000 in April, which was the second highest since 2012, Smith said. Despite having a great year sales tax wise, Smith insists the city will be conservative when it comes to budgeting for the 22-23 budget year which begins in October.

• An update was given about TNT Festival, which is being held this weekend, as well, with more than 30 vendors expected and 13 food trucks.

• The cit y opted to stay with its present depository, Prosperity Bank. The city is required to go out for bids every five years. Smith said city staff had no problem with its present depository, but was required to do so.

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