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    Small Business Saturday Highlights Year-Round Impact of Shopping Small

    South Central Regional Administration U.S. Small Business Administration
    11/25/2015 04:35 PM CST
    As the voice for our nation’s entrepreneurs, the U.S. Small Business Administration celebrates small businesses on a daily basis. When our small businesses do well, our communities do too. 
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    Let the Christmas begin
    11/25/2015 02:14 PM CST - As of our publication date, Thanksgiving is behind most of us and it is now officially the Christmas holiday season also known as the most wonderful time of the year. Read more

    Signs of the times
    11/25/2015 02:14 PM CST - A picture's worth equaling a thousand words has long gone unchallenged. Of course, few of us have been threatened by depth-probing questions aimed to determine how deeply we believe in the accuracy of this comparison. Read more

    Talking Texas turkey
    11/25/2015 02:10 PM CST - If turkeys could ruminate philosophically, they wouldn't have much to be thankful for as Thanksgiving approaches.   Thankfully, neither the brown- and bronze-feathered wild birds nor their pale domesticated cousins are overburdened with higher-order brain function. Read more

    Paris attack creates concern for safety of U.S. oil infrastructure
    11/25/2015 02:09 PM CST - The terrorists' attacks in Paris on Nov. 13 have caused concern in the U.S. about protection of oil and gas infrastructure.  Officials also wonder what impact the ensuing military action will have on crude oil supplies and price. Read more

    Post Oak sees its first frost of the season
    11/25/2015 02:07 PM CST - Winter has arrived.  A heavy frost covered the ground killing the green vegetation. The winter grass is still green but the tomatoes, okra and sweet potatoes in my back flower bed are dead and turning black. Read more

    Religious freedom must continue to be protected in Texas
    11/19/2015 02:15 PM CST - Our country was founded on the very concept of religious freedom, and our Founding Fathers understood that creating and maintaining a free society requires protecting religious expression and the rights of individuals to exercise their personally-held religious beliefs. Read more

    Stocking up for the feast times
    11/19/2015 02:13 PM CST - I bought groceries today.  That's really nothing strange.  It seems that I go to the grocery store often.  Sometimes it is to get necessities: milk for a recipe or a loaf of bread for breakfast. Read more

    Giving thanks
    11/19/2015 02:12 PM CST - I started out writing this column about the tragedy in France and the developments following it this week. Then I decided, I did not want to waste any ink on the monsters behind it. Read more

    Candidate filing period is in full swing
    11/19/2015 02:10 PM CST - First, we extend our condolences to the wounded and the families of the dead in Paris.  We stand solidly with you in standing against ISIS and all terrorists. Read more