• Jack County Sheriff's Office investigator Michael Francis photographs the credit card skimmer found at Smith Corner Tuesday afternoon. Francis said it was the first he had ever seen.

Card skimmer found at Bryson store

A credit card skimmer was discovered Tuesday afternoon at Smith Corner in Bryson.
Owner Bijay Limbu said the pump had been out of service. A technician from PSI, Petroleum Solutions Inc., came to make a repair and Limbu asked he check the pumps for skimmers.
“I had a customer complain that the last time they used their card was here and their card is compromised,” Limbu said.
All the pumps were checked and only the one skimmer was found. It was located behind the display panel.
The PSI technician said Smith Corner is the only station he services in Jack County. He services two in Young County and said he has not seen any skimmers there.
This is the first skimmer Jack County Sheriff’s Office Lt. Michael Francis said he had seen.
The sheriff’s office is just beginning its investigation. There are video cameras at the business which will be checked for suspcious persons.
Limbu said he will also be increasing security for the credit card readers at the pumps, but customers can have their card scanned inside.
For more on this story, see the June 22 Herald-Gazette.

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