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    The Walk Across Texas program used at Jacksboro Elementary last year is being moved to a larger stage and is now open to everyone. The program involves getting teams of people together who walk and try to get healthy in a fun manner. The program runs March 5-April 29.

Walk Across Texas coming up

Local Ag Extension officials are trying to get people into walking as part of a statewide campaign.

Jack County Extension Agent Alinda Cox says Walk Across Texas begins Sunday, March 5 and runs through Saturday, April 29. A kickoff walk, which consists of a lap around the Jack County Courthouse, takes place Wednesday, March 1 at noon.

The program was done last year by Jacksboro Elementary students. Past tries at getting the program started on a larger scale were less than successful.

“We’re hoping that being closer to the downtown area and not out at the track people will see what’s going on and want to take part,” Cox said.

The Wednesday walk kicks off a series of walks and talks Wednesdays at noon at the courthouse that run through the duration of the program. Cox said on occasion there will be cooking demonstrations and even some samples of healthy food as well.

The program works by getting teams of friends, coworkers and others of up to eight people. With one person acting as team captain, teams are named. People can walk together or on their own. Registration forms, mileage logs and wrap up forms are downloaded and members keep track of their daily mileage and/or pounds lost on the Individual Mileage Log and contacts their captain with their results for the week which are entered on the website walkacrosstexas.tamu.edu.

 Everyone can check to see how other teams are doing at the website. Teams compete to see which one reaches the opposite border first or who walks the most miles during the eight weeks. A “Don’t Give Up Now” activity is scheduled for April 5 at the courthouse. Once the event is done, forms are completed and given to the team captain. Mileage, pounds lost and success stories will be put on the website with a celebration activity set for May 9 at the courthouse which is open to the public.

Newsletters are emailed weekly with motivational information to keep people walking and to keep everything fresh. 

For further questions or for more information, contact Cox at 567-2132 or ar-cox@tamu.edu.



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