Values down for county, schools and up for cities

The Jack County Appraisal District released certified property values for Jack County July 25. The values were down for most of the taxing entities in the county with the exception of the City of Jacksboro and the City of Bryson.

Jack County saw a drop in values of $46.5 million from 1.1872 billion to 1.1407 billion or a 3.9 percent decrease.

The City of Jacksboro property values went up from $116.36 million to $119.9 or about $3.5 million, a 3 percent increase.

The City of Bryson saw a rise in values from $9.34 million to $9.4 million, for an increase of nearly $58,000 or a .61 percent increase.

Values for Jacksboro ISD dropped from $919.69 million to $820.2 million, or 10.8 percent.

In Bryson ISD, property values were appraised at $292.15 million and came in at $266.15 for 2017, a drop of 8.9 percent.

Perrin-Whitt CISD saw values decrease from $225.9 million to $209.6 million, a 7.2 percent decrease.

Faith Community Hospital showed taxable values at $1.378 billion, down from $1.497 billion in 2016, a 7.9 percent decrease.

Jack County Chief Appraiser Kathy Conner said values have dropped for the last two years primarily due to the decline in the oil field which affects values in all areas. 

In the coming weeks, Jack County taxing entities will be taking these values to determine their budgets and tax rates.

The City of Jacksboro has already presented a proposed tax rate of $1.219039 per $100 valuation, down from the current year’s rate of $1.263505.

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