Springer first day

Today, Rep. Drew Springer filed several bills addressing the conservative priorities of North Texas, including Constitutional Carry, the elimination of gun free zones, protection of unborn life, curbing the emergency powers of the Governor, and making Texas's official knife the Bowie Knife.

"The bills I filed today represent the top conservative priorities of our region," said Springer. "These bills were drafted to address the top issues I have heard at the hundreds of town hall forums and meetings I have participated in with community leaders."

Rep. Springer is known for his open and transparent governing style, showcased through his regular visits to communities of all sizes throughout his district. This fall, Rep. Springer has been traveling throughout the 31 counties of North Texas that makeup House District 68 and Senate District 30 for citizen feedback in advance of the legislative session beginning in January.

You can find below the complete list of legislation filed by Rep. Springer:

HB 173 (Limiting Emergency Powers):

Creates the Emergency Powers Board made up of the Governor, Lt. Governor, Speaker, and the Senate and House Chair of State Affairs to oversee and even cancel executive orders that last longer than seven days. Additionally, the legislation calls the Legislature into a special session if any executive order issued under the Emergency Powers Act lasts longer than 21 days. Likewise, the legislative branch can assemble itself into Special Session with 2/3 signatures of the House and Senate to discuss and pass legislation related to any executive order issued under the Emergency Powers Act within the previous 90 days of the called session.

HJR 15 (Limiting Emergency Powers):

Allows Texas citizens to accept or decline the changes to limit executive power made by HB 173 in a constitutional election.

HB 279 (Human Life Protection Act):

Would automatically repeal any existing state statutes related to legal abortion if federal law wholly or partly restores the states' authority to prohibit abortion.

HB 299 (Constitutional Carry):

Provides for the legal carrying of a handgun for individuals over the age of 21 that meet basic requirements, such as not being convicted of a felony, without paying a fee or requiring a license from the government.

HB 304 (Right to Carry):

Removes various locations from State Law that currently prohibits licensed gun owners from carrying their firearms, despite being authorized to do so.

HB 310 (COVID19 First Responders):

Ensures that first responders are covered if they contract the coronavirus while performing their duties to protect public safety.

HB 311 (Monument Preservation):

Protects the historical monuments of Texas that are 20 years or older by setting out provisions relating to removing, relocating, altering, or constructing individual monuments or memorials located on public property and providing a civil penalty.

HB 319 (SNAP Reform):

Would require that all able-bodied adults without dependents (ABAWD) seeking supplemental nutrition assistance (SNAP) would have to apply for jobs actively or enroll in a workforce education or job training.

HCR 1 (Bowie Knife):

Designates the Bowie Knife as the Official Knife of Texas in honor of Bowie, Texas, home to the world's biggest Bowie knife that is 20 ft. tall and weighs 3,000 lbs.

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