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    TJ Tweedle speaks to the Jacksboro Lions Club about the recent hunting season on Wednesday, Jan. 22. Photo/Nathan Lawson

Game Warden talks hunting season

Jack County Game Warden TJ Tweedle spoke to the Jacksboro Lions Club Wednesday, Jan. 22, about the recent hunting season which he said was slow.

Tweedle said late season deer hunting came to a close Sunday, Jan. 19.

“It was an unusually slow year all around the county and even surrounding counties just because of the huge acorn crop we had this year,” Tweedle said. “So, there weren’t near as many deer killed. There were a lot of good deer killed, but not near as many as year’s past. It’s actually my slowest year since I have been here, the five years that I have been here.”

The game warden said the local processor takes in about 300 deer each year and this year he only brought in around 18. He said the processor in Parker County normally takes in about 800 to 1,000 only took in about 400 to 500.

“I talk to a lot of hunters and they won’t shoot any does at all,” Tweedle said. “If you’re going to manage your property, managing the doe population is primary. One thing I get a lot of complaints on is the antler restriction law. People argue that it is promoting inferior deer. When in all reality I ask those same people ‘how many does you shoot?’ ‘We don’t shoot does.’ Well the only way you’re promoting that inferior gene is you’re not harvesting the doe that are being bred by these inferior bucks.”

For the full story, see the Wednesday, Jan. 29, edition of the Jacksboro Herald-Gazette.



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