District outlines child care changes

Jacksboro ISD hashed out its new plan to keep losses for its child care center to a minimum at a school board meeting Monday.

For the last two years, the child care center has lost $46,993 and $51,689. Director Brittany Jackson said she believes with some changes to the program the loss could be $2,858 for the upcoming school year.

“We looked at the funding over the last couple of years and we just had a hard time getting that thing to break even,” said Superintendent Dwain Milam. “It’s not the kind of thing you want to make a profit on, but you want to break even.”

Jackson said she lost two employees this year which helped the program because the number of children enrolled was down.

“With the oil field going down and parents staying home, they said, ‘Well, we’re not paying for kids if dad’s at home.’ Which is understandable,” she said.

To help keep the loss down, Jackson said the center will try a combination of eliminating the part-time offering and raising tuition.

Tuition rates for a single child will stay the same at $125 per week for the public and $100 per week for JISD employees. Second child tuition rates will increase $10 to $115 for the public and $90 for JISD staff.

“The reason for not wanting to do part-time or half-day is because we are bound by ratios of students to teachers so that employee is going to be paid full-time whether that student is there or not,” Milam said. “If they want to pick them up every day at lunch, that’s their call but we feel like we had to charge that full day of tuition.”

To read the complete story, see the June 10 edition of the Herald-Gazette.

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