County to 'rattle cages' for bids

County Commissioners will be going back out for bids for road materials and rock hauling after no bids were received.

During Monday’s regular meeting, Judge Mitchell Davenport said a request for bids had gone out in the paper but no bids were received.

“We normally don’t go out and rattle cages looking for bids,” Davenport said Tuesday. “We had a commissioner even call around during the meeting and he was told they didn’t see the request.”

The court also was looking for bids for fuel and lubricants for use by commissioners and the sheriff’s department and received one bid. The court voted to refuse all bids and go back out and readvertise for bids.

An update on plumbing issues at the courthouse was given. Sewer lines in the district and county judges’ offices have been cleaned out but need to be relined which is a cheaper and much less intrusive way of fixing the problem than having to repipe the area completely.

The court also approved retaining county resident  Burnett Hunt as a project manager for the county in roof replacement for the County Law Enforcement Center.

Davenport said Hunt is a local taxpayer with experience in the matter who stepped forward and said he wanted to help. The roof has had many leaks and suffered both storm and hail damage since the building was built around 20 years ago. The problems have been repaired but a full roof replacement is needed as the problems keep coming back.

No specific date for starting work on the roof has been given.

An update on the CTIF grant was given. Commissioners and roadhands have spent all but $10 of the $1.4 million of the grant used to repair county roads. Davenport said he is working on finishing up some paperwork and the county will be finished with the project, which has been going on for the last three years.

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