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City sets tax rate

Tuesday, the Jacksboro City Council approved its budget and tax rate for the fiscal year set to begin Oct. 1.

The general fund expenditures are set at $2.83 million and the utilities budget at $2.4 million. The city adopted the effective tax rate of $1.26 per $100 of property value, which is an increase over last year’s rate of $1.18 but raises the same amount of revenue due to a decline in property values.

At its last meeting, the council had given City Manager Mike Smith direction to try to find money within the budget to pay a quality assurance specialist for public works, either on a part-time or contract basis.

Smith said the budget presented at the last meeting did not include the approximately $30,000 annual payment for the new fire truck. So no adjustments were made to the budget for QA.

He said the tourism budget was also changed. For the current fiscal year, the city budgeted $7,800 for wages to have an employee man the visitors’ center where the Jacksboro Chamber of Commerce is located on Saturdays.

He recommended those funds be put back into the Chamber of Commerce.

The budget the council adopted left the general fund with $96 in excess and the utility fund with approximately $2,000.

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