5 make suspect voters list

Last week, Texas counties received advisory letters from the Secretary of State’s office listing possible non-citizens of each county’s voter registration. 

According to Ronda Lewis of the Jack County Tax Assessor / Collector’s office which maintains the county’s voter registration list, the letter received from the state listed five registered voters of Jack County’s nearly 5,000 flagged as possible non-citizens.

The Secretary of State’s advisory said it was flagging people using information provided to the Department of Public Safety who provided documentation showing they were not a citizens when obtaining a driver’s license of state identification card.

As of press time, Lewis was uncertain how the voter registrar will proceed with verification of the voters in question.

According to the advisory, counties may send a notice of examination letter to the voters and the voter will be required to produce proof of citizenship within 30 days or have his voter registration cancelled.

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