$114K bond set after car chase

A man was arrested after leading law enforcers from several agencies on a chase Saturday morning that paused briefly in Graham before completing its loop to and from Bryson.

Rudy Joe Eanes, 56, of Bryson was arrested on Jack County charges of evading arrest or detention on foot, evading arrest or detention with a vehicle and resisting arrest, search or transport and a Young County felony warrant for aggravated assault on a peace officer. He is in custody at the Jack County jail on $100,000 bond for the aggravated assault charge and an additional $14,000 bond for the other three charges.

Jack County Sheriff Melvin Mayo said the chase began mid-morning Aug. 6 in Bryson, when one of his deputies tried to stop Eanes’ minivan due to suspicious activity and alleged terroristic threats.

“The deputy initially made contact with him, as I understand, at his residence,” Mayo said. “When the officer went to talk to the neighbor, who was the complainant, (Eanes) got in his vehicle and took off.”

Eanes headed to Graham, with the deputy in pursuit.

At 10:09 a.m., Young County’s Emergency Dispatch Center notified Graham Police and the Young County Sheriff’s Office that the chase was headed to town. 

GPD Assistant Chief Brent Bullock said the chase entered Graham on U.S. 380 East.

“One of our supervisors, Sgt. Kyle Ford, fell in to assist the deputy from Jack County,” Bullock said. “There was just one GPD car in the pursuit, just our sergeant and the deputy from Jack County.”

Bullock said Eanes drove downtown, turning down 4th Street, then onto East Street.

“While on East Street, he did stop for an officer that was sitting there on the side of the road, blocking intersections,” Bullock said. “He did converse with that officer, (GPD Officer) Pedro Marrufo, then eventually took off again.”

Eanes then left Graham, passing out of the city limits on U.S. 380 West, with the Jack County deputy and Sgt. Ford in pursuit, following Eanes onto FM 1769.

“He weaved his way on county roads, on Loving Road, until we apprehended him,” Sheriff Mayo said. “He pulled over, and by that time, they blocked him in where he couldn’t take off again.”

By the end of the chase, a second vehicle from Jack County had joined the chase, as well as officers from Young County and DPS Highway Patrol, and a game warden.

Bullock said Sgt. Ford stayed with the entire pursuit, until it ended on FM 1191, north of Bryson. Bullock said he’s thankful there was no property damage and that no one was hurt during the chase.

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