Lindsey SJ provides update

Like many businesses, Lindsey State Jail is having problems hiring people and keeping them.

Warden Brian Collins gave an update on the process and some of the other things going on at the facility during a quarterly meeting Thursday afternoon.

Because of the lack of hiring and the need for staff safety, the inmate capacity was dropped from 1,031 to 647 back in December 2021. Collins, who took over as warden back last March, said his staff worked hard to get people hired, working with Management Training Company (MTC) to provide raises. Since Collins was hired the number of employees has doubled, which has enabled the jail population to be increased to a 732 capacity. He says that sounds great but it only brings the facility up to half staffed from 23%. He says there is obviously still work to be done.

Other employees provided updates as well. Sandy Peevey spoke of a program, Fit For Life, where one issue is focused on every quarter. This quarter’s focus is environment.

Peevey said inmates are helping with a deep cleaning of the facility to help them take pride in where they live. Improvements are being seen in other areas as well. One program has bottle caps from water bottles being taken and shipped to a company where the material from the caps are turned into benches.

Even an area as simple as a break room has been turned around into a place that is made more relaxing, Peevey said.

Chaplain Scott Fowler, who has been with the company for a short time, is working with inmates in two faith based pods. The focus in the pods is on their faith and getting more inmates to join them.

Attendance at services has gone up, hitting around 130 the night before.

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