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    The Jacksboro ISD school board received an update from campus principals on their STAAR performances from checkpoint two. The report shows the district on pace for their student achievement domain goal. Photo/Brian Smith

JISD board receives student achievement report update

The Jacksboro ISD school board heard updates from school principals and district administration about their second checkpoint on their student achievement domain during their meeting Jan., 6.

The district holds four checkpoints throughout the year to see if they are on track to meet the school board’s goal of an 88 on the Texas Education Agency’s student achievement portion of their accountability ratings.

Each campus principal discussed their STAAR performance scaled scores at checkpoint two during the meeting. The first to present was Jacksboro Elementary School Principal Aaron Hannah.

“Second grade had a really nice jump from 48 to 92, fourth grade their scale score is at 85 and fifth grade their scale score is at 93,” Hannah said. “We had some difficulty, which we discussed, in third grade. Some of the things we are doing to take care of that are creative scheduling, targeted tutorials for those students and then we are collaborating with (TEA) Region 9 on planning.”

According to the checkpoint report, third grade had scaled STAAR scores of a 47 in reading and language arts, 60 in math and 53 overall. Superintendent Dwain Milam said TEA Region 9 is continuing to work with the district and their third grade teachers to help those students as much as possible.

“I’m just glad we caught that early in the school year and it is not an ‘oh wow look what happened when the scores come back in May or June,’” Milam said. 

Assistant Superintendent Brad Burnett presented the overall scores for the district. One of the things he addressed was the drop in the STAAR scores from checkpoint one, 74, to checkpoint two, 71.

“We talked about some of the concerns of the rigor of some of the assessments in checkpoint one, so I think that may be a little inflated, realistically of where we were at that time,” Burnett said. “You can see that we moved back a couple of scale points to a 71. But, again we are still tweaking and getting those interim assessments instructed appropriately with the appropriate amount of rigor.” 

The other two factors of the student achievement domain, graduation rate and college, career and military readiness, are pretty much set from the class of 2019, according to Burnett. The district will finish with a 95 in college, career and military readiness and a 100 in graduation. The district currently is projecting 71 on STAAR performance which would bring the district’s student achievement domain to an 86.

“Obviously there is a lot of red on these pages, but it is still early in the year, we are assessing a lot of concepts that haven’t been taught yet,” Burnett said. “Even though there is some red areas, I saw as I look at these numbers, I see progress from checkpoint one to checkpoint two. It means we are headed toward the right direction.”

For the full story, see the Wednesday, Jan. 15, edition of the Jacksboro Herald-Gazette.

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