Concerned Citizen donations

Concerned Citizens has received several donations including, ALL Seasons Air Plus, Prosperity Bank, Crombie Properties, Karen and Mitchell Davenport, Gladys Johnson Ritchie Foundation, City of Jacksboro, Roland and Maurine Dickey, Brazos Title, Joel and Stacy Hood, Faith Paramedics, Brent and Laurie McClure, Greta Owens, Don and Jackie Gray, Christian Family Ranch, RM & Emma Christian Family, Steve and Debbie Amburn, Laura Dean, Ellissa Burr, Jenn Ellett, Creative Solutions in Healthcare, Inc., Windy Varnell, L.M. and Jeannie Grace, First State Bank, Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Watson, Steve and Donna Fenter, Charles and Sara Arnold, James & Carolyn Mathison, Melinda and Perk Perkins, and Jean Henderson.

The Old ‘Bean Pot’

The Old ‘Bean Pot’

This past week on one of those cool clear mornings, the urge to do a bit of campfire cooking hit me. I had fashioned a couple of ‘pot hangers’ from a dry cedar limb and another from a deer antler and was anxious to put my old cast iron Dutch kettles to work. My wife saw me rustling around the fire pit in front of my little cabin situated in the trees behind the house and asked what I was up to.


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