Vision Group explained to Lions Club

Jacksboro Lions Club found out more about what the Jacksboro Vision Group does during its May 11meeting.

Ken Swan with the group said the organization was founded in 2017 to continue what the Swan Family Foundation was doing. The foundation was running into issues as to who and how the money was being used. Forming the Vision Group provided a looser set of parameters in how it donated.

Swan says the group still has to be careful in how it donates but said it has helped several nonprofits. Having a solid board of directors, which includes school superintendents, city, county and economic development officials, helps matters to have people with their feet on the ground in certain organizations.

Over the last few years, Vision has contributed to several non-profits to the tune of $1.8 million, including:

100 percent of athlete and cheerleader insurance for JHS athletes;

JMS band instruments, waking trails, concession stands for the lake softball fields, batting cages

Awnings and picnic areas at Sewell Park,

Funding for the Ford Scholarships

Drug dogs for the Sheriff’s Department

Air conditioning for the Jack County 4-H Museum and others

One of the more recent purchases has been the dumpster used for tornado debris removal. Swan admits he’s as frustrated as city officials as dumpsters are being emptied at around four a day when the need is for between 10-15 a day.

The group has two full time employees that help around the city and county with taking care of medians, city signs and taking care of city ball parks.

“If there’s a need in the county or community, we’re there and wanting to help.” Swan said.

In other news: the annual Lions Club fish Fry is set for Thursday, June 9 from 5 to 6:30 p.m. along the eastside of the courthouse. Tickets are $12 and available from any Lions Club member. Dine-in or curbside plates are available.

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