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Stalking is no laughing matter, but it has been the brunt of jokes and plot lines in entertainment so much that we have been conditioned to believe that stalking is a tool to show someone that we love them. It is portrayed as a way to woo them into a relationship. Hollywood has used stalking undertones in many beloved movies like Sleepless in Seattle, Love Actually, and Crazy, Stupid Love. Less often is it portrayed as the terrifying Sleeping with the Enemy or Fatal Attraction, that may seem far-fetched from reality, but only because we desire the happy ending. 

Music has their own corner in minimizing stalking. From Blondie’s One Way or Another to today’s Sugarland’s Stuck Like Glue. Stalking is seen as funny and even desired. The never-give-up-attitude of unrequited love is a theme that at the surface can seem romantic. But, if you are the target of an undesired pursuer, it can be completely unnerving. The unpredictability of the pursuer’s actions leaves the victim feeling vulnerable and powerless to control the situation.

Advertisers have even gotten on the band-wagon of down-playing stalking. Birchbox asks “would you like to stalk your package” when offering tracking of your order. Greeting cards have used stalking as a cute way of saying that you have affection for the recipient. If you are being stalked, it is no joking or trivial matter!

Stalking should be taken seriously. If your stalker is a former partner that had been abusive, then must take action to protect yourself. The stalking personality is unpredictable and can be easily escalated. Your life could depend on it with 76% of women murdered after leaving an abusive relationship were stalked first.

Wise Hope Crisis Center is here to help if you fear that you, a friend, or family member is being stalked. Please contact our Jack County Outreach Office at 950-507-5025. 

The phones are answered 24-hours a day. The Jack County Outreach Office is located at 200 N. Church Street and is open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Thursday 9am-5pm and 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.; no appointment is necessary. There are advocates willing and able to listen to any situation. There are a number of free services that Wise Hope can offer including education and counseling. Confidentiality is a top priority. Everyone has the right to live respected and violence-free.



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