Concerned Citizens reports summer donations

Concerned Citizens has received several donations.  Donating to the general fund were Devon Energy Employees, J E S Edwards Foundation,  Lindsey State Jail, Enbridge, ALL Seasons Air Plus and Jean Henderson. 

The Southwest Baptist Church gives a monthly mission donation to the center.  

Ophelia Henderson  was rembered by Kent and Tonya Elenburg, Sarah Rumage, Joan Swaney, Robert Lee and Virgina Martin, Arneta Purlsey, Lanna Moxley, Rocky and Shirley Scott, Conner and Debra Stamper, Oleta Thompson, Gwen Fitzgerald, Directors, Officers and Employees of Jacksboro National Bank, Mary Pat and Rich Bonner, Larry and Karla Champman, Ann Mustin, Ken and Helen Clayton, Jana and Bret Hull, Mary Bonner David and Melissa Harmonson, Karen and Ed Rumage, Larry and Barbara Buchanan,  John and Maureen Curtin, Bob and Roxanna Maddox, Wynne Whitworth,  Sam and Gaye Low,  Carol and Monroe Henderson, Keith Sharp and Lou Ann Phillips,  Jack and Cheryl Mathis, Liz Jonas, Carroll and Delyn Lewis, Jake and Juli Betty, David and Carla Kinder, Sharon Stewart, Beth Brimer, Winky Conner,Fred and Carolyn Calhoun, Brad Campsey,  Lilly May West, Ron and Nancy Colbert, Henry and Mildred Birdwell, Janice Savill, Cynthia and Joe Ray Burkett, Fran and Paul Leatherwood, Judy and Bill Stamper, Ronald and Carol Miller, Jerry and Tina Mower,  Tracey and Jerry Graybill,  Melinda and Perk Perkins, Jack and Drew Slate, Kevin and Christy Thomas Rolling Plains Association of soil and Water Conservation Districts, Jack Soil and Water Conservation District, Jim and Sondra Jackson, Sherry Cherryhomes,  Bobbie White, Danny and Neva Scarbrough, Dale and Nancy Thomas, Mr. and Mrs. H.W. Rockenfeller,Roger and Paula Koehler, Sarah Beth Bratcher, Leo and Carla Marley,  Harold and Debra Pankey, Tommy and Linda Collie, Shine Leach, Marcia Swan, Marie Swan, and W. P. Gleason.

Lynn Clay, Janice Savill, and Melvin and Billie Clay donated in memory of Jack Wolfe, Bobby Crumpton, Josie Ferguson, Billie King and Bobby Jackson.

Wayne McDonald was remembered by Marcia Swan and Marie Matlock.

Donating in memory of Laura Beth Campsey were Arneta Pursley, Tracey and Jerry Graybill, Joe Paul and Shauna Nichols, W. P. Gleason,  Jack and Cheryl Mathis, Janice Savill, Melvin and Billie Clay, Lynn Clay,Bob and Roxanna Maddox, Tommy and Linda Collie, Dale and Nancy Thomas,  Jean and Jerry Henderson,  Lilly May West, Leo and Carla Marley, Fred and Carolyn Calhoun, Bruce, Theresa and Blake Hesteande, Bill and Judy Stamper, Bret and Janay Hull, L. W. and Harriet Sides, Barbara and Larry Buchanan,  David and Carla Kinder, Virgie Mitchell, Jack and Drew Slate, Ron and Nancy Colbert,  and Carol and Monroe Henderson. 

Guinn Campsey was remembered by Virgie Mitchell and Jack and Drew Slate.

Tommy and Linda Collie, Bob and Tina Nolen, Mike and Regina Holland, Directors, Officers and Employees of Jacksboro National Bank,  Janice Savell, Lynn Clay, Pete and Mickey Woolsey,  Melinda and Perk Perkins, and Bret and Janay Hull gave in memory of Wanda Hull Cantu.

Monroe and Carol Henderson gave in memory of Ralph Hammond.  Anita Hackley was remembered by Monroe and Carol Henderson and Dale and Nancy Thomas.

Paul Spears and Ann Dyer gave in memory of Ellen McAnear and Carl McAnear.

Bobby Jackson was remembered by Leo and Carla Marley.  Jerry Smith gave in memory of Eula Fay Watson.

Jennifer Vanpelt  was remembered by Jerry and Tracey Graybill and Grable Oil Co.

Donating in memory of Kenneth Savell were Birdwell, Quinn & Co.,  Bret and Janay Hull, Dorothy Prunty, Gail and Mike Bialas, Gwen Fitzgerald, Fred and Carolyn Calhoun, Jesse and Val Rivera, Barbara Clay, Zach Clay Family, Karen and Ed Rumage, ,Ted and Julie Lewis,  Hohnnie Jackson, Kevin and Christy Thomas, Jerry and Tina Mower,  Bob and Roxanna Maddox,   Dorothy Martin, Danny and Neva Scarbrough,  Directors, Officers and Employees of Jacksboro National Bank , Jan and Eddie Clay, Doug and Ruby Quinn,  John and Vicki Thompson, Stevie and Shellie Thompson, Leonard and  Jerrye Faltyn, Herman and Treva Epperson,  Jerry and Pamela Craft, Lilly May West,  Jean and Jerry Henderson, Frank and Diana White,  Ron and Nancy Colbert, James and Jannie West, Pat and Phyllis Foreman,  Marcia Swan, Marie Matlock,  Ann and Tommy Kaker,  Virgie Mitchell, Dale and Nancy Thomas, Cathy and Terry Hoak,  Bryson ISD Staff and Board, Jack and Cheryl Mathis, Lynn Clay, Carroll and Delyn Lewis, Sherrion Crumpton, Bruce, Theresa and Blake Hesteande, and Marie Williams, Joe Paul and Shauna Nichols, Joy Campbell, Melinda and Perk Perkins,  Sherry Cherryhomes, Brad Campsey, Frank and Diana White, Mike and Regina Holland Paula and Bobby Sharp, Lloyd and Gail Knight, Joe Don and Janna Robinson, Sara Beth Bratcher,  and Gayla and Jim Kinder.

Lilly May West gave in memory of Ken Priddy.  Josie Ferguson was remembered by Eddie and Jan Clay. Jason and Amy Eberle gave in memory of Lynn Hardin.

Mike Cherryhomes was remembered by Arneta Pursley, L.W. and Harriet Sides, Michael and Lynda Pack, John and Dixie Ash, W. P. Gleason,  Marcia Swan, Jean and jerry Henderson, Maria Matlock, Brad Campsey,  Neta Yates, Mike and Regina Holland, and Dale and Nancy Thomas.

Marcia Swan donated in memory of Debra Leatherwood, LaNell Hudson, Richard Easter, Rex Mathis, Charles Oliver, Ellen & Gene McAnear, and Laura Beth Campsey.  

Noah Adams was remembered by Pat and Phyliss Foreman.

Jimmy Jones was remembered by Michael and Lynda Pack.

Jean and Jerry Henderson and Brad Campsey gave in memory of David Marie Hunter. 

Herman Epperson was remembered by Brad Campsey, Pete and Mickey Woolsey, Doyle and Carla Moore, Directors, Officers and Employees of Jacksboro National Bank, W. P. Gleason, Donald Mathis, Tim and Pat Mathis, and Tim and Linda Conway.

Jesse and Kim Hart gave in memory of Doneta Leach, Carl McAnear, Charles Oliver, Bobby Jackson, Kenneth Savell and Mike Cherryhomes.  Tim and Linda Conway gave in memory of Frances Guice Butler, Doneta Leach, Carl McAnear, Charles Oliver, Rex Mathis, Bobby Jackson, Laura Beth Campsey, Kenneth Savell,  and Mike Cherryhomes.

Kyle Smith,  Buster Davenport, Shirley Epperson and Herman Epperson were remembered by Danny and Neva Scarbrough.

All Seasons Air Plus gave in memory of Mike Cherryhomes, Kenneth Savell, Laura Beth Campsey, Ophelia Henderson and Zach Warren. 

Brad Campsey gave in memory of Terry Bullard.

Delene Robinson gave in honor of Joe Robinson for Father’s Day.

Carole Hobdy teaches beginning computer classes. Jill and Mike Coker and Coker Funeral Home provide the magazines for the lobby at Concerned Citizens. Beyond

Faith Sponsors a monthly breakfast.

All donations are appreciated and are tax deductible. Our mission is to serve the needs of the elderly and disabled in Jack County.  Since Concerned Citizens is a 501c3 organization we are able to be a recipient of a matching gift program.

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