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From China to champion

Libby Mosley’s path in life has taken her from her birthplace of China to being a member of a state champion Jacksboro FFA team.

Libby was adopted by her parents Sean and Michele Mosley from China when she was 10 months old. She had a difficult start to life.

Libby was found abandoned in a box containing some clothes and bottles of milk. She said because the Chinese one-child policy was very strict at the time, parents wanted to have a son because when daughters married, they tended to help their husbands’ families.

“It sounds weird, but they didn’t want me to die; they left stuff for me,” she said. “My parents said that when I was found, I still had my umbilical cord so I was a few days old maybe.”

She has always known she was adopted and has no problem with it. The Mosleys also adopted another child from a different area of China, Phoebe, 14, and they have a biological daughter, Anna, 19.

“Although, I’m adopted, my parents are still my parents and my sisters are still my sisters,” Libby said.

Beginning at age 7, Libby was a competitive gymnast. At age 9, Libby began a gymnastics program in which she worked out in the mornings and was schooled online through the gym.

“That was half my life and the only thing I’d ever known,” she said.

She went pretty far in gymnastics but had a hamstring injury at 14.

To read the complete article, see the Feb. 6 edition of the Herald-Gazette.


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