Gladys Johnson Ritchie Library COVID-19 update

Gladys Johnson Ritchie library is “technically” closed right now,but can be open under certain restrictions.

The gates are not open to groups over 10, including staff, to be in the library at one time. Because of patrons reading large amounts of books and/or movies from the library and also needing internet to apply for unemployment, fill out Census, apply for food stamps, and to complete other documents, the library will be open by using the conditions below.

For legitimate use of the Internet, persons will be allowed in one at a time. You will be sent to an assigned computer which is cleaned. Library personnel expect you to be quick about your business, so another can take your place.

For check-outs of books and/or movies, one person or family at a time can come in and do that. Fines are being waived because the library is unsure on how long COVID restrictions will apply.

Everyone entering the library is asked to call first between noon and 5 p.m. to secure a time lot and receive instructions. Some alternate times may be scheduled, if this time slot doesn’t work.To secure a time slot call 567-2240 or 229-4977.

It is the library’s mission to provide help not available elsewhere for important issues and to protect patrons and employees during troubling times. These services are subject to change if crisis guidelines change

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