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Missing the relationships

Online learning affecting children too

If there is one thing the current pandemic is keeping children, and everyone from, it is the relationships they worked hard to build. Online learning is doing a great job in keeping students educated, but it is not helping with friendships students have worked hard to build.

After talking with Patrick and Jamie Flaniken and their five children, it is obvious the children miss their friends. Many of the children take part in UIL activities such as band which builds relationships automatically.

“It’s not face-to-face, which I really like,” Eighth grader Kaylee Flaniken said. “It’s good to stay at home, but you want to get outside and see your friends.”

She said she spends a few minutes a day on her assignments, not the 45 minutes a class per day she normally does.

The Flaniken parents said they have been getting the children outside to play on the trampoline and have them walking about a mile everyday.

The Flanikens also admit online learning, which includes meetings, has taken some getting used to. Patrick, the Jacksboro ISD Band Director, said meetings which used to take three hours last 35 to 40 minutes on Zoom.

Both parents also admit they miss the relationships with the children they have developed throughout the school year.

For the full story, see the Wednesday, May 6, edition of the Jacksboro Herald-Gazette.