Ranczy Sanders
Ranczy Sanders
ddison Call and Ranczy Sanders represented the Jacksboro Tigers as Queen Candidates in the 65th annual Green Belt Bowl Scholarship Queen contest.

Addison was the nominee of David Stretcher and Ranczy Sanders was the Queen nominee of Bubba Johnson.

The candidates went through an interview with a panel of judges, then Friday night each candidate competed in a final judging in formal wear.

 During the final judging, each girl was asked a question designed to test their skill at quick thinking. Addison was asked what two items she would want if stranded on a desert island. She responded “Food and Water”. Ranczy was asked which celebrity she would most like to be and she responded “Sandra Bullock”

Ranczy truly enjoyed her experience at the Green Belt Bowl.
Addison Call
Addison Call

“It was truly a blessing to be able to represent Garrett Johnson in the Green Belt Bowl Queens Contest,” she said. “I met so many new friends that I will continue to stay in contact with. It was an honor to represent Jacksboro high School along with David, Kirk, Bubba and Kade. Watching all four Jacksboro players on the field at the same time was bitter sweet but it was definitely a privilege that we all got the opportunity. This was the best way for us to leave our High School experience behind.”

The girls’ moms were also involved with the Queen’s pageant. Dondi Saders was very pleased with the experience.
“The queen nominees and moms were treated to a wonderful brunch Saturday morning,” she said.


“We all felt very welcomed by the town of Childress. I felt so honored to get to watch the last game the four boys played as Jacksboro Tigers. I have enjoyed these kids so much and I can’t wait to see what the future has in store for Bubba, Kirk, David and Kade. They are an exceptional group of young men.”

Following the coronation at halftime of the Green Belt Bowl, the girls were allowed to don the uniforms of their sponsoring player and cheer for them one last time.
Both young ladies represent Jacksboro well.
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