The 2014-2015 JHS cheerleaders are ready for an outstanding year of football! I know it seems early, but the boys are working hard and we are excited. This summer, the cheerleaders will be attending a UCA cheer camp in College Station. To help with the cost of camp and other necessities, the JHS cheerleaders will be selling ads that will be in the 2014 football program. These programs will be sold at the front gate of every home football game.

If you own a business and would like to purchase an ad for the programs please contact one of the cheerleaders listed below or Dori Taylor at the high school (940-567-7347). If you do not have a business but would like to purchase a page in the program to wish players or students good luck for the year you may also contact a JHS cheerleader or Dori Taylor at the high school, 940-567-7347. The cost of the ads varies from $35 for one-sixth of a page to $250 for a full-page color ad. Any ad purchased must be turned into one of the cheerleaders or to Dori Taylor no later than June 20th. Every ad purchased is greatly appreciated by the JHS cheer squad.