Dear Editor:

Last week you ran an article in the paper asking several people “what would you do if you won the lottery?”

One of the young men that you interviewed said that he would give the money to the church and help his family. He mentioned nothing for himself.

This young man was Bobby Matlock. Bobby was born with hydroencephelitius (water on the brain). He has had more than 30 surgeries in his 30 years of life, and yet he always puts others first and never thinks of himself.

Bobby’s last stroke and surgery left him dragging one leg and losing his balance very badly. There is a leg brace that can help him. It will attach to the nerves in his leg to send shock waves to his brain and tell the leg what to do.

Just one problem, this brace is $7,000. It is not covered by Medicare.

There will be a benefit for Bobby at Sunday, September 7. A luncheon, silent auction, bake sale and movie (mom’s night out) movie is free but donations will be accepted.

The luncheon is set for noon in the fellowship hall at First Baptist Church. Movie is at 6 p.m. FBC auditorium.

Barbara Wade