Sunday, June 8, we joined at the Scarborough Center for the Fowler, Lane, Laycock reunion.
For numerous reasons, there wasn’t a big turnout this year, but we thoroughly enjoyed the day.
We gave certificates to the oldest Bill Rogers, 82; youngest Brandon Gralle; young grand parents Will and LaDawn Hoffman; newest newlyweds Bruce Fowler; most kids present Terrie Henderson; most generations present Bill Rogers, five generations; best dish, LaDawn Hoffman and best dessert Millie Steinman.
Door prizes were awarded to Scott Henderson, Will Hoffman, Brandon Gralle and Paris Thorpe.
Ruby Harrison and Balinda Newsmith won Kevin Fowler T-shirts.
We want to thank Butch and Shirley Fowler for always furnishing some awesome door prizes. Also Terrie Henderson as our secretary for all her hard work every year.

Dolores Trousdale