Not long ago I was creeping the city streets trying to be as careful as possible, so as not to bang up the underside of my pickup, or brake something that is needed to navigate, when all of a sudden I went out of sight, everything became black as if I was in a cavern or some sorts. I got out and looked around and I could see that I was surrounded by high walls that seemed to reach high into the sky, but I didn’t panic, I began to climb and climb, soon it was where I could see daylight, and the light becoming brighter with every step upward, then all of a sudden there I was, at the top rim of a large pot hole.

Folks, as you know this is another one of my fictions, but as we all know there are pot holes in our city streets large enough to bust a tire, or break a car spring or something worse, actually they are dangerous to those that drive our city streets, but there is a solution, stay tuned.

My solution is this, if the streets aren’t going to be replaced, then take them up. If we went back to dirt streets, all the city would have to do is blade them after the rains, and with the present rains, the city wouldn’t have to blade then but every six months.

But I know and you know this ain’t going to happen, much too simple.


I learned to drive on the Jacksboro streets in the early fifties, and even then it was necessary to learn to navigate around the pot holes, but over the years they have gotten even deeper, and even more dangerous.
But if anyone should ever get into the super pot hole that I was in, just have patience, someone will be there soon to keep you company.

Folks, I hate to complain, but I know we can do better.

George Weir