Dear Editor,
I would like to thank the city of Jacksboro for their participation in the Red Cross blood drive held every 3 months in Jacksboro.

There have been so many disasters this past year that blood is in high demand as are all of the services provided by Red Cross.

Jacksboro is always so willing to help out in all areas needed. I am so proud of our town and its citizens.

The Lion’s Club provides the drinks, Jacksboro High School Student Council provides cookies and First Baptist Church provides the location.

I just have one question. Why do public services have to pay for the announcements to be put on the marquee at the courthouse?

It was my understanding when it was purchased that it was to let the community know of upcoming events such as the blood drive.

With all the disasters and everyone who needs the help of the Red Cross it seems to me it would be to everyone’s best interest to help in every way possible. If all the business men and women take time from their work to come and donate, it seems to me our city would want to do their part getting the word out. A lot of our donors are around the square and pay attention to the announcements. It would be a wonderful service to see it posted as a reminder of the event.

Again I would like to thank you Jacksboro for your caring.

Thank you Jacksboro,
Red Cross Coordinator Brenda Adams and all her helpers