I would like to thank Jenny Phillips for the hard work and the time she put in on “Karate tradition continues.” Please allow me to add a few thoughts.

Getting the karate dojo re-opened was an effort involving many thoughtful, caring people. It was only after lots of prayer and planning that the doors were opened again. It was made clear to me and the other Messersmith students that continuing Ralph’s legacy and offering martial arts to the Jacksboro community was what the Lord wanted us to do.

I am incredibly proud of Libby Moore. She presents everything in a student that all martial arts instructors are proud of. Please understand, however, that being a Christian is Libby’s first priority. She has capitalized on the talents and blessings that God has given her and is blessed to have a great family behind her.

Although she is a powerhouse for her age and size, Libby breaks boards one at a time, and was not required to take down a grown man her fifteenth round. She did, however, dig down deep and fought him with all the strength and power she had and NEVER gave in to the exhaustion she was feeling. I take nothing away from her performance. She is truly a Black Belt!

Laronda Hawkins