As was reported in the newspaper recently, our area was fortunate to receive some excellent training provided by the Advanced Law Enforcement Rapid Response Training division of the Texas State University in San Marcos.

In addition to officers from the Jack County Sheriff’s Office, Jacksboro Police Department, Fort Richardson State Park and Jack County Constable’s Office, officers from outside agencies were also in attendance. These agencies consisted of Weatherford Police Department, Fort Worth Police Department, Environmental Protection Agency-Criminal Division, Washington County, Ark. Sheriff’s Department, White Sands Missile Range, N.M. Civilian Police, Tarrant County Precinct 1 Constable’s Office and Carswell JRB-Training Division.

The officers asked that the citizens are made aware of all the help that was provided by local individuals and businesses during this training session.

First, I would like to thank Clyde and Kim Watson for allowing the use of their property and dining hall for the first three days. In addition, Kim cooked lunch for the first day for all of the students and instructors. Diamond’s Grocery Store provided food items and more for the first day also.

On day two, Garlic’s Pizza, owned by Mike Coker, and Faith Community Hospital provided the lunch and on day three, Chicken Express provided the meals for all of the officers and instructors.


Days four and five moved to the Old Bryson School and the day began at Cotton’s Restaurant who provided their meeting room for all of the classroom portion of this training. Mr. David Stout, Superintendent of Bryson Schools provided the group the old school building for scenarios and exercises.

 Also, on day five we were all greeted with breakfast burritos that were provided by Liz Mayo, Sheriff Melvin Mayo’s wife.

Thank you to everyone that had a part in this event, it was greatly appreciated. It was great to see everyone pool together to show the hospitality towards everyone that was a student and to the instructors. We hope to be bringing more training to our area to see that everyone can get the training needed.

Tom Spurlock
Jack County Constable