The chaos surrounding the law in Arizona vetoed by Governor Brewer, should prove to everyone that special interest groups demand too much and the liberal media has way too much power, therefore, causing too much misinformation to be spread around. The law had little to do with homosexuals and everything to do with protecting the religious rights of businesses and others to be able to serve whomever they pleased.

This freedom has applied to individuals since the creation of the Constitution. The law, as I understand it, was intended to further define the rights of an individual to include businesses and others, which throughout the years they have done anyway.  With the “political correctness” of the times, the Arizona legislature wanted to further strengthen “we, the people’s” rights to follow our own religious convictions.

The gay rights groups had to jump on this as an attack on them. Of course, the liberal media was right there with them ever widening the division of our nation along religious lines.

While they use this to further their imagined right to be treated as a special segment of our population that requires all laws to be aimed at their protection, I and other conservatives disagree that it’s all about them.

Since we were created, we were given free choice.


We could choose where to shop, with whom we could befriend, where to attend church, which restaurant, photographer, cleaners, doctor or pharmacy gave the best service and which charities we wanted to support with our treasures. If we did not like them or did not get good service or just did not like the color of the building, we were free to do something different. There are several businesses where I do not feel appreciated, so I choose to patronize others. It’s my choice to choose others and it’s their choice to choose not to change what they do just to please me.

Special rights should not be extended to any one group just because they are different.  We are all different.  We are all special in one way or another and there are many options from which to choose to meet any desire or need we may have acquired.

Moreover, we are all Americans.  We are all, as citizens of this great country, guaranteed rights by our Constitution and as given by our Creator.  We are all given free choice to give or to receive.  How we give or receive will determine our consequences. But it should still be our choice to make, individually or as businesses or target-specific charities.