Considering a County Commissioner….

In considering a commissioner, I am thinking of one that is not “focused on always trying to think of ways to save the county money,” but also someone who realizes the importance of county maintenance and building relationships with the people they serve! I am more interested in one who is not so “frugal” that he allows things to decline in order to save money now. 

The previous commissioner would often add gravel to the road as needed, it was always well-maintained and there was never a problem in driving on it under any type of weather conditions. Aside from occasional speeders, the dust was minimal.
When you own a business that relies on a decent road to travel, you hope that your county commissioner would also listen, especially when the county barn also shares the same road!

Repeated requests for gravel has fallen on deaf ears since Sonny retired and the roads are only scraped periodically, an ever so slim amount of gravel has been added, gravel is sparse and pushed aside for what little is left, and the roads are now like a slick mud slide after a rain and more dusty than ever when dry!

Our business creates much needed tax dollars for the City of Jacksboro. Our guests, both short and long term, are spending their money in town.


Can the City of Jacksboro and the county, afford losing business because the roads are such a muddy mess when wet, full of potholes and beyond a little dusty when it is dry, so that people look elsewhere to stay?

Being “frugal” can be a good thing but neglecting the roads, will cost the taxpayers more down the road! The heavy oil/gas industry use of the roads are also adding insult to injury. Our business is likely to suffer more if something is not done about the road soon.

When considering my choice for county commissioner, I am not just looking for the most “frugal” candidate but one that also has the good the of the county and taxpayers in mind but also understands maintenance now saves the county money in the future!

I would also hope that a county commissioner would support local businesses and consider their needs in order for them to thrive and remain in Jack County. A commissioner that is not disconnected with the people and taxpayers he serves would be refreshing. Rather than one, who speeds past you and your place of business throwing dust as to say you don’t matter. Even more disappointing is that I voted for you …

Just my thoughts as I prepare to cast my vote this year.
Vickie Rodgers
Hidden Lake RV Ranch & Safari