The Jacksboro Community Pool was burglarized over the weekend.

Police Chief Terry McDaniel said it was reported at approximately 8 a.m. Monday morning.

A total of $344 was stolen. McDaniel said there are no suspects at this time and nothing was damaged with the break-in.

If anyone has any information regarding the burglary, contact the police department at 567-2666.

“Whether something was left unlocked or not, it doesn’t show that it was forced entry,” McDaniel said. “It may have just been negligence.”

He added that the rate of burglary in the city is low.

“Jacksboro doesn’t have many burglaries, more than we’d like of course,” said McDaniel. “Most of the ones we do have are more commonly because something has been left unsecured being a car or a building.”

Burglary of a building is classified as a state jail felony.

The pool is currently managed by the Jacksboro Economic Development Corporation.

To read the complete article, see the July 4 edition of the Herald.