During the April 14 county commissioners meeting, a request for temporary and possibly permanent road closure for a section of Green Elm Road in Wizard Wells was addressed. The dry lake bed has become a hazardous area for people who wander in and can become stranded. Also, residents from the area complained of those who go out to consume alcohol and shoot guns, leaving broken glass and other debris.

When the situation was presented to the county commissioners by local residents, Lewis and Jerome Christian, Judge Mitchell Davenport agreed to put this topic on a future agenda for further discussion.

“Texas law provides a process by which a county can close a road temporarily or even abandon a road. In the event of a temporary closing, I believe the county can do that without a hearing or even giving the public the right to comment on same,” said Davenport.

“A temporary closing is just that, temporary. It is going to be because of circumstances that endanger the public in traveling that road. In a temporary closing, the county is giving up no right to reopen or use the roadway.

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