During the Jack County Commissioners meeting held Monday, Jerome and Lewis Christian from Wizard Wells brought their concerns with Wizard Wells Lake. Due to low levels, it has become inaccessible. People are going to the dry lake bed areas to party, shoot guns illegally leaving broken glass and destruction.

“There is no water and people have no reason to be there. Not to mention that it’s a difficult place to patrol or do anything with,” said Jerome Christian.

He was requested that the court consider temporarily closing down Green Elm Road from the north to the south side of the lake.

“There have been two deaths in this area in the past year. One woman and one man. The woman simply ran out of gas and was stranded. She died from heat exhaustion and it’s my understanding her medical conditions played a role as well. It’s just not an accessible area and we need to keep people from going in there until the lake levels come back up and the good people can start enjoying the lake again,” said Jerome Christian.

“The bridge is out. What Jerome is suggesting is we close the road from both ends temporarily. People are just tearing the lake bed up, dumping trash. We’ve found stolen cars that they’d set on fire,” Mayo said. “People are just making a big mess. We can limit access until the water comes up to where the lake can be used as it should be.


Judge Mitchell Davenport said the county will look into the matter for further consideration at a later date.

To read the complete article, see the April 18 edition of The Jack County Herald.