Banesa Tinajero
Banesa Tinajero (Jenny Phillips)
The Jacksboro Chamber of Commerce honored Jacksboro citizens with an awards banquet last week. Banesa Tinajero was among the winners and received an award for excellence in customer service.

Banesa's cheerful and sweet temperament makes her a natural at providing great customer service, but she said when her name was announced, she was surprised.

Banesa said it feels good to be acknowledged for her hard work and to be recognized for being friendly. For her, it's all about helping her customers have a better day.
“You never know what type of day someone is having and you could make their day a little brighter simply by being nice,” she said.

Banesa's supervisors and coworkers were excited for her to win as well.

Banesa's family was proud of her as well. She said her mother has always been very encouraging and loved it when Banesa or her siblings would win awards in school. Her mom continues to hold onto those awards and is super excited about Banesa's newest. The clear acrylic plaque is displayed in her front room near the front door.

Banesa said she appreciates the Chamber of Commerce for giving citizens recognition.
“I think it's a really positive thing,” she said. “There are a lot of nice people in our town. I feel it will make others more motivated to do better at their jobs and maybe help make them pay closer attention to how friendly they are to people too. It's important for us to be nice to everyone.


Not everyone I wait on at work everyday is from Jacksboro. If someone is just passing through town, we want them to leave and think about how friendly our little town is.”

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